5 Tibetans Energy Movements

The Fountain of Youth
5 Tibetan Energy Movements.
- Saquina Akanni

Fountain of Youth
Energy Movements
MOVE and Circulate Qi or Chi

Your Fountain of Youth exercise program is
Short and Sweet. Have Fun:-)

1. Walk and Breath
Breath deep and exhale deep, while you walk every day. Start with a short walk and increase to 1 mile. Then increase a little more until you get to a real workout 2, 3 miles or 6 miles. Have fun.

2. Do Basic Qi Gong
Fountain of Youth Energy movements
Stillness energy movement!
Stand still for one minute with knees bent and arms raised with middle fingers close, but not touching. Bring in the energy from heaven through the top of your head Du 20 or Chakra 7. Fill yourself up with the golden light and wash yourself with it. Circulate it through you entire body, every cell and around you. Feel the energy moving between your two middle fingers. Start with 1 minute. Increase to 2 minutes and so on.

3) Do Tai Chi or Qi Gong

Learn an Energy Movement.
Do one that you like.

Start doing the 5 Tibetans energy movements today - now...

Here are the 5 tibetans. You can do these energy movements in just 5 minutes.
If you find them difficult, start with just 1 set of 1.
Then 1 set of 3 the next week. Then 1 set if 6 the next week and so on.
1 set of 9 only takes 5 minutes.

Click picture top left to see the movements on the original site.
Start with 5 Tibetans - Today!
Take in a deep breath before and after each movement!!!!

Take a deep breath and breath while doing the exercise.
Exercise 1 - The Twirl - Clockwise - Like when you were a child!

Take a deep breath and breath between each movement.
Exercise 2 - Bring Legs Up and Let them Down.
That's easy.

Take a deep breath and breath between each movement.
Exercise 3 - Roll neck down forward chin touch chest, then roll neck back and roll eyes back as far as you can. Bring neck back to start position.
That was really easy!

Take a deep breath and breath between each movement.
Exercise 4 - The Table - Raise buttock up bend knees so you look like a table. Roll your head back and roll your eyes back.
Butt back down. Don't forget to breath.
I know, that was hard. It gets easier as you get stronger.

Take a deep breath and breath between each movement.
Exercise 5 - Buttock up - Make an inverted V with head down.
Now flatten out like the picture and roll head back and roll eyes back. Don't stop - do your set of 3!


See original site and article with these these movements:
Click on picture on the left.

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- Saquina Akanni

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